Our secret: careful planning

    Prodigium offers its services in all the technical fields of the stage and takes care of everything with brilliance. Our experts plan, budget, design and realize your events. You can entrust us with full technical responsibility for your projects!
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    We offer * Production management * services to event organizers and producers.
    You are looking for an expertise to complete your shows, festivals, corporate events, etc.
    We are able to:
    evaluate your needs (artistic and technical);
    put together the production team in collaboration with the designer and the producer;
    negotiate remuneration and employment contracts;
    manage the production budget;
    negotiate for the producer the technical means and materials in preproduction, production and post-production;
    resolve any changes in the organization of work and staff.
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    Our technical director is the first to evaluate your needs.
    His responsibilities:
    see the forecasting and budgetary follow-up of the technical department;
    documenting the activities of the technical direction;
    conceptualize your project on a plan using tools like Autocad and WYSIWYG;
    follow-up on technical programming guidelines;
    participate in the technical evaluation of the shows broadcast by the programming;
    participate in applications for any type of license;
    manage the schedules, rotations, roles and responsibilities of the technical team;
    manage rental and purchase of technical equipment as required, under the supervision and approval of production management;
    establish and maintain an inventory of perishable equipment for operations and programming purposes;
    see the hiring of a technical coordinator if necessary;
    obtain submissions from the various suppliers surrounding each of your events.
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    From design to installation, Prodigium deploys the resources necessary to illuminate your event. Conceptualize your project using WYSIWYG. Our complete team of designers, operators, electrical chefs and technicians will ensure the total visual quality of your event. Need specialized equipment at the leading edge of technology? Contact us.
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    Prodigium has all the audio resources. We take care to process pre-production documents, group technical specifications, room technical specifications, suppliers’ equipment lists. We also have all the necessary tools for sound design and spectral analysis.
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    Prodigium is a professional, experienced and safety-conscious team.
    International liability insurance;
    Scenic hook-up and structure assembly;
    Acrobatic hook-up and specialized systems;
    Acrobatic manipulation;
    Installation of chemical and mechanical anchorages;
    Inspection of rigging equipment;
    Engineering department;
    System design;
    Drawing of plans.
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    We work with all types of scenes and dressings, in all kinds of events, from the smallest to the largest.
    Take advantage of the experience of our stage machinists.
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    Prodigium teams are able to put together and dismantle exterior sites as well as tents.
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