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    It is a vast experience of 30 years in the show business field that confers to Pier Colbert the expertise needed to manage in a masterful way, the team of PRODIGIUM and to offer you an exceptional customer service. Indeed, he was technical director of several festivals, tour director for many shows including Groupe Sanguin, Michel Rivard, Louise Forestier and Jean-Marc Parent. After 12 years as Cirque du Soleil’s director of operations at the creation studios, he decided to embark on PRODIGIUM’s adventure.
  • Marie-Eve Dagenais - DIRECTOR GENERAL

    Arriving in the team in December 2004 following a contract with CCSE Maisonneuve’s Caserne 18-30, Marie-Eve held the position of administrative and educational program assistant for 9 years. She has been promoted in 2013 to the position of assistant director and in 2016 to the position of director of the educational program, relief in Suzanne Desbiens. Her passion, her rigor and her interest in the development of the company are an asset for the realization of projects.

    Choreographer and dance performer, Ian chose Productions Jeun’Est’s lighting specialization in order to develop new skills in the performing arts both front and backstage. Since graduating in 2017, he has worked on a wide range of projects as a lighting designer, technician, stage manager, cultural manager, production manager and artistic director. His need for challenge, his versatility and his creativity are his major assets. He joined the PJE / Prodigium team in May 2023 as technical manager.

    Her ten years as an assistant in another company where she worked for various departments including marketing, finance, market development and management, brought her a wealth of experience and an ease- adaptation. Upon her arrival in 2001, she served as secretary receptionist and, over the years, Josée has become an asset to support technical directors in their mandates. She is responsible for finding the most qualified technical workforce for the various projects.

    After beginning his career as a stage technician, Joseph has been active in the cultural and social economy realms for more than twenty years. He has participated in the founding and operation of two concert venues and the organizing of a great number of events. Passionate about cinema as much as about the arts and music, he worked on many movie sets as long as on the opening of a movie theater in the East of Montreal. Involved in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, he was sold to the mission of PJE / Prodigium and joined the team, notably to help the development of our multifunctional venue, Studio PJE.

    Fresh from his PJE training in stage techniques in 2018, specializing in video, Rémi joined the team as project manager in February 2019. Already possessing a keen interest in audiovisual production prior to his training, his curiosity and creativity are assets to the technical team. Rémi is heavily involved in PJE’s online training project, but remains an effective resource on various projects.